My work at Emurgo Website


EMURGO is a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain and provides products and services to drive the adoption of Cardano’s Web3 ecosystem.

Iridescent ripples of a bright blue and pink liquid

My contributions

  • Decreased by 50% the time to load (TTL) for the content and assets on the website using optimization techniques.

  • Boosted the traffic within a 3 months expected timeline.

  • Improved the overall SEO Score for the website to 97% reaching better web search positioning.

  • Created an e-commerce to strengthen commercial alliances and contribute to the company’s brand positioning and revenue increase by 15% selling merchandise products within a six-month period.

Tech stack

Design: UX, Figma

Frontend: HTML 5, Javascript ES17, CSS3, Sass, React 15, Mobx

API: NodeJS, Graphql

Build: Babel, Webpack 5

CI/CD: Netlify, Github Actions

Ecommerce: Shopify API

Analitycs: Twitter API, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager

SEO: Chrome Lighthouse